Author: Michael Vinovich

By day, Michael works in IT for a large Canadian company. By night, he tries to absorb all the information he can about watches from as many sources as possible. He is fascinated by horology because, at their best, watches represent functional art that lives with you; a small, personal, delight that surprises you many times through the day.

Luxury brands sell you an experience as much as they sell you a watch. The vicarious adventure-by-association experience of climbing a mountain, diving beneath the waves, or of piloting an airplane is a large part of many watch brands’ DNA

“Military influence on fashion is so pervasive we are almost blind to it.” Alice Fisher There is a built-in contradiction to wearing a military-themed field watch. Wearing a watch (any watch) is a choice these days. It, hopefully, says something positive about

Just as Pierce Brosnan’s tenure as James Bond came to an end, the Seamaster he made famous is being replaced by a new watch which, like Daniel Craig, is an improvement over its predecessor in many ways. In a word,

A Man and His Watch entered its second printing this year after selling out of its first run last October. A coffee table book for the WIS crowd, it struck a chord with watch lovers and, if the response to

If there was a school for this complication, I would have to be placed in a remedial class for it. Setting up a GMT - let alone reading off time zones like a pro - hasn’t been an easy task