These days there are many people who take their passion to watches to a whole new level by starting their own brand. As the initiator and owner of the Microbrand Watches Facebook Group, just like all our members, I’m exposed to a great diversity of new brands that appear in the most unexpected corners of […]

When you ask watch collectors, how they got into watches, it is quite often that they will talk about how as kids saw their father, grandfather, uncle or other influential male figure wearing elegant watches. They will often talk about Rolexes, Omegas, Pateks, maybe other brands that are buried in the dust of history. As […]

Back in the days, way, way before smartphones, social networks and especially Instagram, if you wanted to see amazing pictures, you would go to a photography exhibition. At that time, I had a mentor, who would initiate me in the magic world of photography and one day, he told me the secret of a great […]