My dad, Jack, is 72 and he just retired last month. Like many of us, my dad always dreamed of having a real premium luxury car. So he went out and bought himself a brand new Cadillac ATS turbo. I think my dad had his eye on some German luxury cars but he got a […]

Time Captain has weighed in on how to build a collection and offered sound advice to those of you who have fallen in love with watches. Above all, buy what inspires you. Get that foundation piece. Purchase another, but in a different genre. Now you have at least two watches you are proud to call […]

Learn from my mistakes, I always tell my friends. And by reading this blog, you can do the same. You see, after nearly 10 years of watch collecting, I have made every mistake in the book — buying on impulse, buying too cheap, buying too often, buying too many, NOT buying when I should have, […]

As the 2016 Formula 1 season opener approaches, we can take a look at the revamped lineup of watch partnerships on the F1 grid. Watches and cars, of course, go together like bacon and eggs. I, for one, love the associations between classic carmakers and watchmakers. This year, we have a few new (big) names […]