A few high-end watch brand have realised that if there is a solid second-hand market for their watches, their prestige can only grow. The latest brand to add a pre-owned section on their website is MB&F. If you are looking for a hard-to-find grail like the HM4 Razzle Dazzle that was limited to only 8 […]

Not everyone wants to go with the crowd, some of us we can’t care less to fit in, we want to be different because we are not afraid to think outside the box. Mainstream watches won’t satisfy us, every other clueless Joe is flashing the same watch, we need to have something different! Luckily, we […]

If you love mechanical watches, then you should seriously consider the Longines Conquest V.H.P. How does that make sense? I’m glad you asked… I first learned of the V.H.P. (Very High Precision) quartz watches right here on WatchPaper. Adam posted a write-up of the new series of watches by Longines. I was instantly hooked. This […]