Author: TimeCaptain

TimeCaptain is a self-confessed timepiece junkie.  He spends nearly all of his spare time buying,  selling,  trading,  researching, admiring and trying different timepieces. He's also a fanatic Formula 1 fan, having followed every single Grand Prix since 1991.  He switches to NFL football in the fall and roots for the Green Bay Packers. A child of the 1980's, TimeCaptain is mad about 80's music,  TV, cinema and pop culture.  Another interest of TimeCaptain is space exploration and the study of distant planets and galaxies. When asked about his favorite watch,  TimeCaptain remembers Enzo Ferrari's answer as to his favorite car- "the one I haven't built yet."

Well, it finally happened. Ferrari has a new watch partnership with Richard Mille. The ultra-high-end watchmaker has been sponsoring F1 teams and drivers for years. Richard Mille appropriately uses the tagline, "a racing machine for the wrist." Haas, Alfa Romeo

I have been into watches for over 12 years and the first thing I can say is that I am not actually a collector.  I am an enthusiast.  Of the 10 watches in my box today, only two have been

In a previous article, I wrote about the relevance of watches during a global crisis.  And we are still right in the middle of it- how can I evaluate a luxury wristwatch while confined to my basement?  I am not

We are still in the middle of the global pandemic as I write this. For many of us, this is not really a time to spend any money on watches. We have watches, and they are a source of great

So this is my fifth Seiko and, although I have written a few reviews, I have never gotten around to typing one for WatchPaper. This one will be a bit special because of the context. I am wearing this Seiko