After the SaStek review, I’m taking a closer look at another unusual watch and be warned, if you are a serious watch purist, and please note that I’m emphasising the serious part, maybe you should just continue browsing our more serious articles because the TACS Automatic Vintage Lens can’t be enjoyed without a good sense […]

BOLDR is a watch microbrand, or should I call them a startup, founded by Travis Tan and Leon Leong from Singapore and Malaysia. They are also behind the Patek inspired Travis Leon Heirloom Series, that got successfully funded on Kickstarter. Their first project with BOLDR, the Voyage, was a really cool looking smart watch that […]

We, rightly, celebrate the achievements of the space program at NASA and lionize the astronauts who spend years preparing for missions that put them at great risk. Advancing our knowledge of science and space travel, each mission adds to our understanding of where we, as a species, fit into the cosmos and of what it […]

Mercer Watch Co. is a really prolific microbrand that never ceases to surprise me. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to review the Mercer Watch Co. Brigadier Chronograph, which was on Kickstarter at that time. The campaign was a success, but in the meantime, Scott Vuocolo, the founder of Mercer was already busy working […]