Learn from my mistakes, I always tell my friends. And by reading this blog, you can do the same. You see, after nearly 10 years of watch collecting, I have made every mistake in the book — buying on impulse, buying too cheap, buying too often, buying too many, NOT buying when I should have, […]

European microbrand fans, and not only, probably know Stephan Trimbos as a merchant of microbrands, such as Magrette from New Zeeland, or Halios from Canada. He’s also the owner of Stuckx, that made its debut in 2014 with the massive (44,8 mm / 21 mm) model, appropriately called, The Rock and a more human sized (44 […]

In 2006, to mark their launch, Linde Werdelin created the Founders Watch, a GMT piece that was sold by invitation only. This year, to celebrate their tenth anniversary, Linde Werdelin is returning with another GMT, the LW 10-24 that will also be offered by invitation to a select group. The LW 10-24 represents an important […]