I have to admit, it took me quite a long time to give Instagram a try. Everyone was telling me how amazing it is for sharing pictures and how important it would be for WatchPaper to have a presence there. Finally, I gave in and since then, I’m completely hooked. Of course, I do my best […]

When you are a watch nerd, you can’t just watch a movie, a political convention, or the Olympic Games without noticing the watches appearing on the screen. Omega being the official timekeeper of the Olympics, at Rio, we could not miss the last letter of the Greek alphabet, it was everywhere. And there were the […]

As a watch blogger, I get to see many watches, many of them are coming from new microbrands, launching their debut model. What I find really fun is when a young brand keeps me in the loop by sending me their second model, then the third, and so on, giving me the opportunity to see […]