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The online search engine, Barnebys is here to serve all your watch needs. When it comes to purchasing watches, there’s no question that the second-hand market is the way to go. Buying at auction is great for many reasons: it’s more

Miami Watch Company (MWC), a watch manufacturing company based out of South Florida, which also owns and operates Stranger Watch Company and Amir Watches, two brands that we had the pleasure to review in the past. The upcoming collection, the

OMW's stunning debut timepiece, the Elementor promises to be the first coloured forged carbon fibre wristwatch on Kickstarter. The OMW Elementor is crafted from a coloured forged composite carbon — a tough, lightweight material used in the production of the world's

One of the most interesting and fascinating aspects of microbrands is that they open up new territories for watch design, corners of the world that have no watchmaking tradition, but now they can bring their own interpretation of horology. Such

NEONOS watches is a collective of four product designers based in Dublin, Ireland. The team has over 50 years of design experience including custom one-off watches. Their debut watch launches on Kickstarter today - the HOLLAND//01 forged carbon dive watch. The