Katana — An Upcoming MWC Crowdfunding

MWC Katana

Miami Watch Company (MWC), a watch manufacturing company based out of South Florida, which also owns and operates Stranger Watch Company and Amir Watches, two brands that we had the pleasure to review in the past. The upcoming collection, the Katana is inspired by the forging of legendary Japanese swords, a sacred art that involves several stages that start with a special steel production, called tamahagane, or “jewel steel” that is then forged, polished and decorated to become the ultimate blade. Today, that heritage lives on in modern Japanese blade-making, renowned across the world by chefs who insist on world-class cutlery.

Notable among these blades is the prized “Damascus” steel, made after a laborious process of folding, heating, and hammering the steel upon itself thousands of times. This serves to remove impurities from the steel and results in a unique, mysterious blade.

MWC combines these traditions with watchmaking with the Katana Knife & Watch Collection (日本刀). Dedicated to the craftsman of yesterday, made for the craftsman of today. Inspired by these “Heavenly Blades”, MWC is forging their watches from artesian Damascus steel, and matching them to the best blades that can be made.

MWC Katana

The Katana Collection is a 4-model series named in homage to the Tenka-Goken, or the “Heavenly Samurai Swords”: Dojigiri (童子切), Onimaru (鬼丸), Mikazuki (三日月), Juzumaru (数珠丸).

Each model features top components such as:

  • self-winding automatic 8N24 skeleton movement with a power reserve of 42 hours, 21 600 vph, 21 jewels
  • 316L grade surgical steel case
  • blade-grade Damascus steel bezel
  • domed Sapphire Crystal glass with Anti-reflective coating
  • Custom rubber strap with embossed lines and Deployant Buckle

MWC Katana

MWC Katana

Each Katana watch will come with a high-end chef knife made of 77 layers of hand forged Damascus Steel and G10 organic handle. The G10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a very durable composite material, which is light, needs no maintenance, does not expand or contract due to normal temperature and moisture exposure — the ideal material for a professional use.

The Katana IndieGoGo Campaign will go live on December 1 at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time and will feature attractive perks, especially for the Super and Early Bird Specials at $190 per Set for the Watch and the Chef Knife (80% Off MSRP, estimated at $1000).

To sign up for the December 1 launch, click here.

UPDATE: the Katana Indigogo campaign is live.