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Before we go any further, let me start this post by wishing you a 恭禧發財/恭禧发财! That's Happy New Year in Chinese! To celebrate with you on this occasion, we compiled together some of the more important watch brands that are marking

Pure, rare, eternal… platinum is the ultimate material in the field of Fine Watchmaing. To honour this intrinsic alliance between pure mechanical refinement and an inestimably precious material, Vacheron Constantin created the Collection Excellence Platine in 2006, composed of creations

In the past, we featured on WatchPaper two other sets from the Métiers d’Art collection of Vacheron Constantin: Les Masques and La symbolique des laques. This week Vacheron Constantin has announced the second series of Métiers d’Art: Les Univers Infinis, a

The sheer weight of platinum exudes strength and you can not deny its presence. At 95% pure this precious metal is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust, a desirable quality that when combined with expert craftsmanship results