noemia, a New Seduction by Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil noemia watch

Raymond Weil noemia 5132 STS 00985

New curves, a maturity, a new seduction… for the arrival of autumn, RAYMOND WEIL presents the noemia collection with a redesigned profile. noemia, the
exclusively feminine line of Swiss Watchmaking, has been stirring passions since its creation in 2009. Both enchanting and seductive, noemia will keep on subtly awakening the sensuality that lies dormant in each one of us.

noemia, a name that is poetic and yet mysterious, recalls the family dimension of the Geneva Brand, as it takes its inspiration directly from the first name of its founder’s granddaughter. The watch was created in her image, innocent and delicate. However, the little girl has grown up and so the noemia collection now appears to be more mature and even more feminine, reflecting modern women, while preserving its values, a challenge that RAYMOND WEIL has once again successfully assumed.

noemia’s finely set case with its delicately rounded lines has grown longer. The voluptuously formed horns merge with the steel bracelet, whose links still alternate between a polished and satin finish, and looks more feminine. Their straight and pure contours have been rounded to please the eye. The white mother-of-pearl dial is brighter giving an extra brilliance to the hours with its full-cut diamonds. At 6 and 12 o’clock, polished steel Roman applique numerals underline the watch’s classic character. The crown, embellished with a sapphire blue dome, adds a final jewelry touch to this piece. Fitted with a quartz movement, like all the collection’s models, in 24 or 32mm, noemia looks every bit as refined on the wrist as a satin ribbon.

noemia, a new maturity, a new elegance, for a timeless collection.

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