During SIHH 2017 there were several noteworthy watches unveiled to the public, and probably one of the most surprising novelties was the Panerai LAB-ID, a Luminor 1950 with a carbon fibre case, a deep black dial coated with carbon nanotubes, and a movement that does not need any lubrication. A creation of the Panerai Laboratorio […]

Dear Ladies, The holiday season is approaching fast! You might be looking for a nice gift for that special man in your life. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is a better gift for a man than a nice watch. You may have been hearing a lot about smart “watches” and other gadgets that fit on […]

I have owned dozens of luxury timepieces in the past 8 years of collecting. I only own ten today- the rest have been sold, flipped and traded. Trading watches has become my hobby. With my contacts and our partner forum, the Canadian Watch Collector, I am easily able to change one or more watches for […]

My dad, Jack, is 72 and he just retired last month. Like many of us, my dad always dreamed of having a real premium luxury car. So he went out and bought himself a brand new Cadillac ATS turbo. I think my dad had his eye on some German luxury cars but he got a […]

Learn from my mistakes, I always tell my friends. And by reading this blog, you can do the same. You see, after nearly 10 years of watch collecting, I have made every mistake in the book — buying on impulse, buying too cheap, buying too often, buying too many, NOT buying when I should have, […]