Ever since my first Grand Prix in 1991, the F1 weekend in Montreal has been the biggest event of the year for me. Over the years, my fanaticism for Ferrari and F1 rubbed off on people and infected them with the same illness. Grand Prix weekend evolved into a huge celebration for friends and family. […]

I have to admit, it took me quite a long time to give Instagram a try. Everyone was telling me how amazing it is for sharing pictures and how important it would be for WatchPaper to have a presence there. Finally, I gave in and since then, I’m completely hooked. Of course, I do my best […]

At WatchPaper, we believe that when it comes to buying a timepiece, you have to look beyond the immediate price tag, and what can be safer and more stimulating than acquiring a high-end watch from a knowledgeable authorized dealer (AD). TimeCaptain already blogged about it, he calls it the girlfriend experience, where your watch shopping experience reaches […]

Adam recently invited me to visit Bijouterie Dominic in Little Italy, Montreal. I was vaguely aware of this store. I had walked past it several times and I knew they sold some big brands. I had noticed it on several trips to the coffee shops and Formula 1 store in the area. But I never […]

This is the first time, I’m reviewing a battery-powered watch and probably you won’t see me doing another one anytime soon. Why the exception this time? There are several reasons. First of all, Division Furtive is much closer to an independent watchmaker than to a company spilling out zillions of quartz watches. Gabriel Ménard, the […]