Dear Ladies, The holiday season is approaching fast! You might be looking for a nice gift for that special man in your life. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is a better gift for a man than a nice watch. You may have been hearing a lot about smart “watches” and other gadgets that fit on […]

I have to admit, it took me quite a long time to give Instagram a try. Everyone was telling me how amazing it is for sharing pictures and how important it would be for WatchPaper to have a presence there. Finally, I gave in and since then, I’m completely hooked. Of course, I do my best […]

At Baselworld, Hamilton will present a lineup of new watches that continue to use their long power reserve movements introduced in 2014. Fans of diver watches will be happy to discover the Khaki Navy Frogman collection, there is another collection inspired by Broadway, Hamilton will introduce a gold watch (!) and ladies are not forgotten […]