Ever since Scott Vuocolo founded Mercer Watch Company (MVC), he keeps surprising me and his fan base with more and more desirable models. When you would think that, OK, he nailed it, the watch is absolutely amazing, Scott would launch a new model that raises the bar even higher. It is the same with his […]

British microbrand Boston & Stewill is currently on Kickstarter with their latest project, a new Tourer watch powered by an automatic Swiss movement with small seconds. I have mixed feelings about this watch, there are plenty of things to like about it, yet I can’t ignore a few of its features that really bother me. […]

It was through the UNDONE website that I had my first experience with watch customization and I had a lot of fun building up the Aqua from scratch and later reviewing it. Now, they are back with another super-cool project, the Urban chronograph, where you can start with a 40 mm case, a Seiko SII VK61 Hybrid movement, […]

After the SaStek review, I’m taking a closer look at another unusual watch and be warned, if you are a serious watch purist, and please note that I’m emphasising the serious part, maybe you should just continue browsing our more serious articles because the TACS Automatic Vintage Lens can’t be enjoyed without a good sense […]

BOLDR is a watch microbrand, or should I call them a startup, founded by Travis Tan and Leon Leong from Singapore and Malaysia. They are also behind the Patek inspired Travis Leon Heirloom Series, that got successfully funded on Kickstarter. Their first project with BOLDR, the Voyage, was a really cool looking smart watch that […]