Equestrian sports are very sophisticated and classy. There is a feeling of tradition and heritage surrounding these old world sporting events. Such tradition and heritage are perfectly suited to mechanical watches. When Longines invited Adam and me to attend the International Bromont show jumping event, I was really excited. I know absolutely nothing about horses […]

One of the secret ingredients of Christopher Nolan is his attention to small details, and his latest movie, Dunkirk is no different. Tom Hardy’s RAF character wears an Omega CK2129, the most commonly worn timepiece by RAF personnel in the early days of WWII. With its cream dial and clearly visible Arabic numerals, it was built for […]

The watch industry is quietly changing from being a monolithic body with clearly defined geographic centres into a new global entity, where independent watch brands and microbrands are emerging in the most unexpected places, may I say, to the delight of watch fans all over the world. One of the challenges facing collectors is the […]