Our next giveaway is sponsored by X-Frame, a microbrand part of the Umbrella Watch Group that also has an online retail website specialised in fashion watches. Their debut piece, the X-Frame Vulcan, with its geometric volumes was very well received by the Kickstarter community, and now they are preparing their next project, the X-Frame Seer, a […]

Mercer Watch Co. is a really prolific microbrand that never ceases to surprise me. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to review the Mercer Watch Co. Brigadier Chronograph, which was on Kickstarter at that time. The campaign was a success, but in the meantime, Scott Vuocolo, the founder of Mercer was already busy working […]

European microbrand fans, and not only, probably know Stephan Trimbos as a merchant of microbrands, such as Magrette from New Zeeland, or Halios from Canada. He’s also the owner of Stuckx, that made its debut in 2014 with the massive (44,8 mm / 21 mm) model, appropriately called, The Rock and a more human sized (44 […]

I’m really happy to announce our next giveaway, courtesy of one of the top microbrands out there, the Australian Melbourne Watch Co. A lucky winner will receive a marine chronometer-inspired Portsea, a 40 mm automatic triple-date calendar watch, that comes with white, black or blue multi-layered dial, depending on availability. Since its immense success on Kickstarter, the […]