Author: Adam Sofineti

As a graphic designer, I'm fascinated by the crossroads between technology and aesthetics. Horology is one of these crafts, where art and engineering come together to produce mechanical wonders that grace the eye. WatchPaper was born from the desire to create an online tool where I can share my passion for watches.

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Rotary Heritage, a limited edition watch part of a collection celebrating the 125th anniversary of this British brand with Swiss roots. It was my first encounter with Rotary, we don’t see them too often

No Time to Die, the next 007 adventure was originally scheduled to hit the screens in November 2019, but it was rescheduled to April 2020, then as well all know the world got overwhelmed by the pandemic, and suddenly not

After posting the news about the launch of the Christopher Ward C65 Super Compressor, the first REAL super compressor to be built since the Quartz Crisis, one of our long-time members in the Microbrand Watches Facebook group, Eddie Platts asked

One of the highlights of this year's novelties from Longines is the Spirit collection, honouring famous pioneers or the air, land and sea who relied on their Longines, such as Amelia Earhart, Paul-Emile Victor, Elinor Smith and Howard Hughes, who

Christopher Ward is the wunderkind of the watch business that never stops amazing with their daring achievements. They never stop challenging themselves and somehow they always manage to surprise us with something unexpected, always at great prices.  This time they came