Author: Adam Sofineti

As a graphic designer, I'm fascinated by the crossroads between technology and aesthetics. Horology is one of these crafts, where art and engineering come together to produce mechanical wonders that grace the eye. WatchPaper was born from the desire to create an online tool where I can share my passion for watches.

The background story of the first cobranded watch in the history of the Microbrand Watches Facebook group, with details about the design process.

A first look at the RZE Valour Vintage Salmon, the only meca-quartz chronograph with titanium case on the market.

Enter our charity sweepstake for a chance to win a Straton Daily Driver Mark II chronograph on stainless steel bracelet. All the money raised will go to Kids Kicking Cancer Canada.

Taking a closer look at the Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic collection, the first Captain Cook models to come with a ceramic case.

Taking a closer look at an unconventional automatic GMT watch by the British microbrand, Isotope.