Author: Adam Sofineti

As a graphic designer, I'm fascinated by the crossroads between technology and aesthetics. Horology is one of these crafts, where art and engineering come together to produce mechanical wonders that grace the eye. WatchPaper was born from the desire to create an online tool where I can share my passion for watches.

Less than a year after its debut with the popular Resolute collection, RZE is back with a new model, the Endeavour. It shares many design features with its precursor, further crystallizing the unique visual identity of RZE watches. If the

The British microbrand Isotope unveiled its new collection honouring the most important benchmarks for adjusting time all over the world, the GMT. As with the previous Isotope models, this collection too comes loaded with unique features. Before even getting to

Looking back at the reviews I wrote since the beginning of the pandemic, most of them were microbrands. The more I am exposed to them through trying them out, wearing them daily or just moderating the Microbrand Watches group on

When I get to handle a watch with a fascinating look, I’m always curious to find out more about the person who designed it. Unlike with big brands, when it comes to microbrands it is a lot easier to get

In the coming weeks, Rotary will launch a new collection of sports watches, the Regent, expected to become a key family within their core range. We will have an in-depth review of Regent, once it makes its way through the