Watch brands and the NHL

GRAHAM is the only luxury watch brand involved with an NHL team.

GRAHAM is the only luxury watch brand involved with an NHL team.

Watch brands — especially those that make sport watches — and sports go hand in hand. There are many examples, we all know them: Omega, Longines etc., but lets just stop at Rolex. They are the Official Timepiece of the F1; when it comes to tennis, since 1978, they are the Official Timekeeper at The Championships in Wimbledon and we will also find them at the Shanghai Rolex Masters, Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters; they present at golf events, such as the U.S. Open, the Masters Tournament, etc.; they are sponsoring equestrian events, yachting competitions and we could also mention all the athletes that serve as their brand ambassadors.

Soccer has its own share of sponsors, we know that HUBLOT is big in soccer and since signing with the Dallas Cowboys, they are involved with NFL too.

When it comes to hockey, there are not too many brands chasing the puck. Except GRAHAM, who is the Official Timing Partner of the LA Kings and has as brand ambassador, Luc Robitaille, member of the Hall of Fame and President of Business Operations of the LA Kings, I could not find any other watch brand showing an interest for hockey.

If you go on the accessories page of the NHL website, the official watches are just a collection of cheap quartz watches with the team logo printed on the dial. Seriously, I have the feeling that I’m browsing Alibaba…

My question is, what are watch brands waiting for?

OK, I can understand that Wimbledon is followed by a different demographic than a Stanley Cup game, but as a new Canadian, I can assure all the marketing guys in Switzerland, that people here are NUTS about hockey and many of them can afford more than a cheap quartz.

UPDATE: I was reminded that Tampa Bay Lightning captain, Steven Stamkos was one of Tissot’s brand ambassadors.

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