Emmanuel Bouchet : Complication One

Emmanuel Bouchet Complication One

Emmanuel Bouchet Complication One

If you’re a fan of Harry Winston, the name Emmanuel Bouchet should ring a bell. Yes, he was the wizard behind the Harry Winston Opus 12.

Earlier this month, at London’s Salon QP, Emmanuel Bouchet has unveiled his first very own watch, the Complication One, a tribute to watchmaking tradition and know-how. With his debut piece, Emmanuel Bouchet wants people to enjoy the intricacies of a mechanical movement. If in most watches, work somewhere between 21,600 and 36,000 beats/hour, the hand-wound calibre EB-1963, powering the Complication One is beating at 2.5Hz (18,000 beats/hour), paying homage to traditional watchmaking.

The movement is enclosed in a 44 mm case, which is offered in 18K gold, platinum or titanium with black ADLC treatment. ADLC, “amorphous diamond-like carbon”, is a revolutionary coating that not only creates a shock-resistant, extremely smooth and scratch free layer but also confers a high-tech aura that further accentuates the captivating dial.

The dial is dominated by the very essence of the mechanism; positioned at the center stage, the escape wheel and the anchor, with their distinctive and revisited design, offer a striking indication of the time flow.

The dynamic, multi-level dial is comprised of sapphire discs that seem to float in space over an onyx or chalcedony dial base. Hours are indicated at 8 o’clock, minutes and 10’s of a minutes are displayed at 4 o’clock and seconds at 12 o’clock. A resolutely contemporary day-night indicator, revealed at 12 o’clock on a disc underneath the seconds disc, further accentuates the powerful and harmoniously balanced design. The tips of the hour and 10’s of a minutes hands are finished with sanded sapphire to accentuate the legibility and add a refined and elegant touch to the design. The double barrels guarantee a 70 hour power-reserve which is indicated on the back of the timepiece.

Combining the client’s personal creativity with Emmanuel Bouchet’s mastery, Complication One may be customised to create a timepiece with a unique dial or diamond setting, personalised hands finishes or movement decorations.

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