Omega opens boutique in Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre

The OMEGA boutique at Yorkdale Shopping Centre

The OMEGA boutique at Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Canadian fans of OMEGA, rejoice! Especially if you’re from TGA, as OMEGA has just announced the opening of a 400 square meter boutique inside the European Jewellery at Toronto’s fashionable Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

With more than 130 timepieces that made OMEGA one of the world’s leading makers of fine watches, they have the four main watch lines – Seamaster, Constellation, De Ville and Speedmaster – along with some of the brand’s most exquisite luxury pieces including a De Ville Central Tourbillon, an 18K yellow gold pocket watch with a direct link to the Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games – OMEGA’s first as Official Timekeeper, and a sparkling, diamond-paved Constellation Luxury Edition ladies’ watch.

The “boutique in shop” features OMEGA’s global design concept, with a façade conceived around the themes of the sun, water, the earth and, of course, time. The brilliant lighting illuminating the products in the show window represents the energetic rays if the sun, while vertical tracks express rainfall. The rain, in turn, symbolizes time which is never still and which never returns in exactly the same form.

The boutique, which occupies one corner of European Jewellery, has a dedicated seating space where customers can enjoy expert one-on-one consultation on the entire OMEGA collection on offer.

Inside the OMEGA boutique at Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Inside the OMEGA boutique at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre

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