Peren Watches debuts with pilot chronographs

Peren Chronograph

Peren Chronograph

The Internet and especially crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter opened the door to new ways of creating and consuming watches. This gave the possibility for brands to take root in rather unconventional spots of the world when it comes to watchmaking.

For the first time, I have the pleasure to present you Peren Watches, a brand which is based in Transylvania, my birthplace and home of Dracula’s legend. Andy Bica, the guy behind Peren Watches, picked up the basics of watchmaking in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, but due to recent changes in the Swiss legislation, he had to return to Romania.

Upon his return, he created Peren, with the name having its root in the Latin perennis, which means everlasting, perpetual, durable. The logo, while it reminds me the shape of a buckle, it is actually inspired by the vampire teeth of Lugosi’s version of Dracula.

Peren Classic Chrono Military Edition, Class Chrono S for steel bracelet, and Classic Chrono Gold.

Peren Classic Chrono Military Edition, Class Chrono S for steel bracelet, and Classic Chrono Gold.

Designed by Red Dot award winner Fran├žois Zahnd and Stefan Geringer, Peren’s first collection consists of three 40 mm chronographs, with the possibility of choosing leather strap or stainless steel bracelet for the Classic Chrono, which has a polished case. The Military Edition is unpolished, while the Gold is gold PVD coated.

The crystal is hardened mineral, the hands got lume and they are powered by a Ronda 5030D Startech, which offers a battery life of 52 months.

The watches are actually hand assembled by Andy, this way Peren is reducing the cost of production and assures full control over the quality.

The Kickstarter price is between $160 and $200, depending on the model you choose, or if you really fell in love with them, you can go with one of the several bundle options to save even more.

To find out more about Peren head over to the official Kickstarter page at

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