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CORUM Black Ti-Bridge

CORUM Black Ti-Bridge

2009 was definitely a creative year for CORUM with the launch of its second in-house movement and exclusive novelties. CORUM ends the year on a high note and unveils four exceptional timepieces for the Holiday celebrations. They illustrate CORUM’s long-term work to acquire expertise in high-end watch
movements. Two of them are equipped with a high complication, the tourbillon, while the two other capitalize on a modern and technical material, titanium.

Enhancing the Corum Bridges and Romvlvs collections, which together with the Admiral’s Cup and Artisans lines represent the four CORUM pillars, the Swiss Watchmaker reveals four outstanding timepieces.

Looking back on its history and renewing ties with its roots, CORUM has revived its fundamentals and rebuilt its product strategy following a clear structure based on the four iconic pillars. The development of human relations, devoting particular attention to the integration of watchmaking professions, technical skills and product development have led to an exceptionally creative year for CORUM.

The color of understated elegance, CORUM dresses its new timepieces in black for the Holiday season. Cases, dials, movements; all components wear a sober coating for the most glamorous evenings. Two titanium timepieces are presented in an all-black look.

CORUM Ti-Bridge Movement Frontview

CORUM Ti-Bridge Movement Frontview

Black Ti-Bridge

A pure black experience! The now famous Ti-Bridge comes dressed in black for the festive end-of-year season. In both its movement and case, the Ti-Bridge gives pride of place to titanium, a material known for its lightness and the difficulties involved in machining it. The bridges and plate of the Caliber CO 007 are cut from this ultramodern material. The meticulous finishing on all movements is typified by the upper bridge coated with black
PVD and engraved with the “CORUM” brand name. The bridges are satin-finished, while the generously sized barrel features a snailed finish. Equipped with a balance oscillating at the speed of 4 Hz, Caliber CO 007 is endowed with a 72-hour power reserve. Pushing the boundaries of technicality and aesthetics, CORUM developed a unique way to attach the movement to the case with four triangles replacing the casing clamps.

The curved tonneau-shaped case made of titanium ensures perfect comfort for the wearer. Entirely coated with black PVD, the dark monochrome watch case gives a contemporary touch to the Black Ti-Bridge.

As a technically exceptional creation, the Black Ti-Bridge will be produced in a Limited Edition of 250 pieces.

CORUM Golden Bridge Black Titanium

CORUM Golden Bridge Black Titanium

Golden Bridge Black Titanium

The Golden Bridge collection is enriched with a black PVD coated titanium model, marrying the delicate case conception cut from transparent sapphire crystal with the strength of the titanium, also known for its lightweight properties. In this timepiece, modernity and technicality of the titanium case responds to the classicism and finesse of the authentic baguette movement.

Challenging the limits of technicality, CORUM features titanium Grade 5 for the watch case as it is the most difficult to manufacture, but also the only grade which offers different polishing designs.

The Golden Bridge Black Titanium stems from the talent and precision skills of the watchmaking artisans to conceive this hand-wound linear movement bearing a 40-hour power reserve.

The deep black satin-finished case highlights the golden reflections of the emblematic hand-engraved movement. Its mainplate and bridges are crafted in 18kt gold and topped by two black openworked hour and minute hands.

With this model CORUM reinvents timelessness while combining modern and authentic spirit in one timepiece. The Golden Bridge Black Titanium will be produced in a Limited Edition of 138 pieces.

A masterly mechanism, the tourbillon is still the most coveted high complication in Haute Horlogerie. It was created in 1801 by Abraham-Louis Breguet and only began to appear in wristwatches in the 1980s. The role of the tourbillon, originally created for pocket watches, is to eliminate the disruptive effects of gravity on the regulatory organ of the movement. CORUM unveils two striking timepieces which house this famous complication.

CORUM Golden Tourbillon Panoramique Grey Sapphire

CORUM Golden Tourbillon Panoramique Grey Sapphire

Golden Tourbillon Panoramique Grey Sapphire

Reinterpreting transparency, characteristic of CORUM since 2007, the brand presents a Golden Tourbillon Panoramique with grey PVD coated sapphire crystals.

Endowed with a 90-hour power reserve, this tourbillon set on a sapphire crystal throne is a truly exceptional creation. The mainplate and the three bridges are made of sapphire crystal, a very delicate and brittle material. The slightly grey color of the sapphire crystal partly reveals the mystery of the conception and accentuates the strength of the timepiece. Four sapphire crystal glasses offer the maximum view of this stunning movement
beating at 21,600 vibrations per hour.

Framing the movement like a genuine work of art, the white gold case is set with 309 diamonds, accentuating the precious appearance of this exceptional timepiece.

Manufacturing the Golden Tourbillon Panoramique Grey Sapphire calls for extreme precision and high-end watchmaking knowledge, a CORUM signature available in a Limited Edition of 5 pieces.

CORUM Romvlvs Tourbillon

CORUM Romvlvs Tourbillon

Romvlvs Tourbillon

Originally created in 1966, the Romvlvs collection is imbued with authentic classicism and hosts the finest watchmaking complications. In 2008, CORUM launched a Perpetual Calendar and a Retrograde Annual Calendar.

This year CORUM unveils a new high complication in the collection, the Romvlvs Tourbillon. At the heart of the timepiece beats a mechanical hand-wound tourbillon movement at the speed of 21,600 vibrations per hour endowed with a long lasting power reserve of 130 hours.

The absence of dial reveals the beauty of the black PVD coated movement. Bottom plate and bridges are graced with Côtes de Genève finish, enhancing the classical elegance of this exclusive timepiece. The sun-brushed and PVD coated ratchet and crown wheels demonstrate CORUM’s traditional watchmaking know-how.

As a signature of the collection, the hours are translated into Roman numerals engraved on the bezel. With a Limited Edition of 10 pieces, this timepiece will be worn among the rare privileged owners only.

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