Ever since Scott Vuocolo founded Mercer Watch Company (MVC), he keeps surprising me and his fan base with more and more desirable models. When you would think that, OK, he nailed it, the watch is absolutely amazing, Scott would launch a new model that raises the bar even higher. It is the same with his […]

We, rightly, celebrate the achievements of the space program at NASA and lionize the astronauts who spend years preparing for missions that put them at great risk. Advancing our knowledge of science and space travel, each mission adds to our understanding of where we, as a species, fit into the cosmos and of what it […]

Mark Kelly, retired astronaut and Navy test pilot, stares off into the middle distance in the print ads Breitling is running for its new Exospace B55 Connected watch. He’s wearing a flight suit and the Exospace while, in the background, is Kelly’s former office – a runway at dusk, desert mountains looming behind. As a […]

When it comes to tool watches, the Frankfurt-based SINN Spezialuhren is among the brands that is known to have found the right balance between quality and price. Helmut Sinn, the founder, a WWII pilot and flight instructor, built up his brand’s reputation by offering good looking flieger and diver watches, designed to respond to the […]