Adam recently invited me to visit Bijouterie Dominic in Little Italy, Montreal. I was vaguely aware of this store. I had walked past it several times and I knew they sold some big brands. I had noticed it on several trips to the coffee shops and Formula 1 store in the area. But I never […]

This is the first time, I’m reviewing a battery-powered watch and probably you won’t see me doing another one anytime soon. Why the exception this time? There are several reasons. First of all, Division Furtive is much closer to an independent watchmaker than to a company spilling out zillions of quartz watches. Gabriel Ménard, the […]

It was about this time last year, that I met Aaron Pimentel, the Canadian strap maker using traditional French techniques, and a few days ago, I went back to visit his workshop located near the famous Jean-Talon market, in the Little Italy of Montreal. I wanted to follow up on the latest developments and see […]

UPDATE – Swatch Group Service Center phone number The phone number of the Swatch Group Service Center in Montreal is (514) 447-3074. Maybe I’m not the only one that noticed the way the St-Catherine street in Montreal is becoming more and more classy, with more and more mono-brand boutiques opening. One of them is the […]