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A picture from our first meeting with TimeCaptain.

Hello readers,

It’s me- TimeCaptain. It’s early December and I’m reflecting upon my first year with WatchPaper. When Adam and FormulaTime asked me to contribute, I jumped on the chance. I am quite amazed at where this is going and it’s been a remarkable experience. I think the three of us share the same goal, but we won’t say it out loud. Not until we get there…

The best part of the whole thing has been meeting like-minded people and making friends. We watch guys are sick. And when we meet other nuts, we feel better to know we’re not alone. Expanding my network of timepiece people has been a great pleasure and I look forward to continuing. Stay tuned, I have many blogs in the making.

We can all be accused of watch snobbery as we get deeper and deeper into the watch game. But that’s a misconception. I think we just appreciate watches so much that we can’t help being infatuated with the Lange, Blancpain and Rolex of this world. Each one of us owns and enjoys more modest pieces on occasion and I even wrote a blog on affordable watches. Sure, I have my grail piece, but it became a priority for me to own one and that’s the key.

My own goal in blogging for WatchPaper is simply to share a passion and infect others with the same sickness. 2013 was a great introduction and we’re planning some articles in 2014 that will highlight different aspects of the watch industry. And maybe a few editorials with some quartz-bashing and smartwatch-ridiculing. I hope you’ll tune in.

Yours truly,