AUROCHRONOS Festival of Independent Watchmakers


The watch industry is quietly changing from being a monolithic body with clearly defined geographic centres into a new global entity, where independent watch brands and microbrands are emerging in the most unexpected places, may I say, to the delight of watch fans all over the world. One of the challenges facing collectors is the limited presence of independent brands and micros in brick and mortar retail stores, making it difficult to try their watches before committing to a purchase. Responding to this need we see an increase in the number of festivals, exhibitions and get-togethers that offer collectors the possibility to have a closer look at hard-to-find watches and meet their creators.

One of these events is the first edition of the AUROCHRONOS International Festival of Independent Watch Manufacturers, to be held in Lodz, Poland, from September 30th to October 1st, 2017. It will take place at the modern venue of Expo-Łódź, bringing together major brands from Poland with various independent brands from around the world. The event is focused on independent manufacturers of watches, accessories, founders and creators of micro brands. It intends to host startups and young companies but it also wants to promote family companies with greater experience.

It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the origins and history of these companies, try on and eventually purchase a rare watch. For the exhibitors, it will be a great occasion to reach a new audience and to find potential business partners, distributors, or representatives. The exhibition will allow the entire professional field to talk with manufacturers, to share experiences, to test and to get to know more about new products and trends.

First and foremost, the organisers wish that AUROCHRONOS bring together the community of watch enthusiasts.

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