UNDONE Urban — the customizable retro chronograph

UNDONE Urban customizable vintage chronograph collection

UNDONE Urban customizable retro chronograph collection

It was through the UNDONE website that I had my first experience with watch customization and I had a lot of fun building up the Aqua from scratch and later reviewing it. Now, they are back with another super-cool project, the Urban chronograph, where you can start with a 40 mm case, a Seiko SII VK61 Hybrid movement, and build the vintage chronograph of your dreams for $175 US, through Kickstarter. UNDONE is using the same customization platform as for the Aqua that I described in my review, where you can start with pre-built models, suggestions that they call fixed designs, inspired by chronographs from the 60’s, and take it further, personalise it, make it unique, make it yours. For example, have your name or initials on the dial or on the back of the watch. There is also a huge selection of straps that are equipped with quick release spring bars, so you don’t have to fiddle with a strap changing tool, scratch the watch or end up with the spring flown away, somewhere under your desk. Of course, if you fell in love with one of their fixed designs, you can reserve it on Kickstarter for $150 US.



Michael Young, the co-founder of UNDONE, is a veteran of the watch industry, having worked closely with major Swiss brands, such as the Swatch Group, Hublot and Frank Muller. His other business, Classic Watch Repair, is the authorised service centre for Fortis, Milus, Ernst Benz and Revue Thommen and his workshop is also known as THE place for restoring vintage Rolexes in Hong Kong. This experience is the best guaranty of the quality you will get with UNDONE.

Take a look at the Kickstarter project, play with their watch customising platform, have fun building your next weekend-beater or everyday chronograph.






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