Micro roundup: Don Kylne, Meshable and Vorque

The debut collection of Don Kylne

The debut collection of Don Kylne

In case you were not following lately the microbrand watch scene, let me tell you, there is a lot that is happening right now, and while it was not easy to chose, here are three projects that I think, you should keep an eye on: Don Kylne and their upcoming collection of cushion shaped watches, Meshable and their German minimalist chronographs, and finally, we’ll take a look at an upcoming brand from Singapore, Vorque Watches.

Don Kylne & Co.

The exhibition case-back of the Don Kylne reveals a nicely decorated Miyota movement.

The exhibition case-back of the Don Kylne reveals a nicely decorated Miyota movement.

Don Kylne & Co. is a new brand founded by three guys with a keen passion for watches. One the founders, who is the proud owner of a collection of sweet watches, actually got the bug of watch collection after his dad gave hime a Bregeut. The debut collection of Don Kylne is called Rêveurs Comme Nous, Dreamers like us, as they wanted to remind everyone that this project started out as a dream, both for the founders and for their early supporters. The name of the collection will be engraved on the first collection of 500 pieces, the Don Kyle way of thanking their supporters for believing in their dream.

The 40.5 mm cushion shaped case, comes in either stainless steel or gold paved colours, while for the dial, you’ll have white with stainless steel or gold numerals, or black with stainless steel numerals. The tilted numerals enhance the dressy look of this collection, while the small second complication that we rarely see being used microbrands, makes these watches quite desirable.

Check out the Don Kylne website to get the latest news and to sign up for the early bird offer.

Meshable Chrono

Meshable chrono

Meshable chrono

Dusseldorf based young designer couple Mina and Nemo are back on Kickstarter with Meshable Chrono. I really liked this collect the moment I saw it and I even included it in another Micro roundup, but then they decided to cancel the Kickstarter founding and they asked me to remove it. It was a classic case of a great product, really nice deign, but with the wrong price. Many young brands fall into this trap, most of them never rise again, but I’m glad to see Mashable back on Kickstarter. They did some number crunching and this time, their new goal and their prices are correct, without changing anything in the quality of their pieces. Their effort was rewarded by the backers, the project is already fully funded and at the time of writing this article, they still have 30 days to go.

I’m not going to go into too many details, if you’re a fan of German minimalism, you have to see these watches. Their contemporary design, proportions, quality components, and this time, their great value, make them a serious contender to be part of your collection.

For more details, go to their Kickstarter page at

Vorque Watches

Vorque Watches - Constantine

Vorque Watches – Constantine

Vorque is an upcoming brand from Singapore that will make its debut in the near future. They are still in early stages, but they have already got the prototypes of their debut collection and it seems to be a rather ambitious project.

The Constantine is a 40 mm dress watch that comes in three different colour combination, with a nice guilloche patterned dial and applied indexes. So far, nothing to make you faint… Here comes the BANG! It will be powered by a modified ETA 2824-2 with a custom rotor and their crowdfunding price will be around $400 US! Did I got your attention? I bet, I did…

In the next few weeks, I’ll have the opportunity to take a closer look at a Constantine and do a full hands-on review. In the mean time, follow Vorque on Instagram or like their Facebook page.

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