freelancer Piper — the first Raymond Weil pilot watch

Raymond Weil freelancer Piper

Raymond Weil freelancer Piper

For the first time ever, Raymond Weil creates a pilot watch, the freelancer Piper, a 45 mm GMT chronograph crafted from titanium and stainless steel. The design is heavily influenced by aviation, borrowing several aesthetic features. For example, the blue minute and hour hands were designed to resemble the aircraft’s rotor blades, while the GMT hand, with its red pointer, is inspired by a compass. The small seconds sub-dial at nine o’clock resembles an attitude indicator.

The tachymeter scale on the bezel ads to the sporty aviator look of this piece, which is further enhanced by the openwork black leather strap.

The freelancer Piper is powered by the RW5020 (ETA 7754) automatic chronograph, with 46 hours of power reserve.

A closer look at the Raymond Weil freelancer Piper

A closer look at the Raymond Weil freelancer Piper

This piece is the result of the partnership between Raymond Weil and the legendary general aviation manufacturer Piper. It is also a nice tribute to Raymond Weil, the founder, who was an enthusiastic pilot, particularly fond of mountain flights, especially around the Matterhorn, which he did not hesitate to admire with his Piper plane during his travels in Switzerland.

Elie Bernheim, CEO of Raymond Weil:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with best-in-class manufacturer, Piper Aircraft Inc. on our first-ever pilot watch. Raymond Weil was not only a visionary and daring entrepreneur but also a passionate pilot and the proud owner of a Piper plane. The freelancer Piper is a fitting homage to my grandfather and the invaluable heritage he left us. I am sure he would be immensely proud of this new introduction.”

Every freelancer Piper will come with a special presentation box containing a model of a Raymond Weil-branded Piper aircraft.

MSRP $3,495.

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