Omega Seamaster Bullhead “Rio 2016”

Omega Seamaster Bullhead "Rio 2016"

Omega Seamaster Bullhead “Rio 2016”

Yesterday at a special even in Rio that started the countdown to the Olympic Games, Omega presented their latest baby, extending their Olympic watch family, a special edition Seamaster Bullhead, with a uniquely colourful design.

This is not the first Rio watch to be unveiled, last year, Omega presented the Speedmaster Mark II “Rio 2016”, inspired by the 1969 Speedy Mark II.

If the Speedy Rio is designed around the colours of the medals, the Bullhead Rio takes a more daring and colourful approach. The bright blue of the bezel and the leather strap immediately catches the attention, and only a closer inspection will reveal the stitching done with the colours from the Olympic rings, the same theme being used for the bezel too.

Bullhead Rio is powered by the Co-Axial calibre 3113, and stamped with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games logo on the caseback, making it an interesting piece for collectors.

Limited to 316 pieces, where 3 represents the 3rd time that golf has been included at the Olympic Games, while 16 is a reminder of the year of the upcoming Olympic Games.

It will be available this autumn, retailing for $10,200 at and at the Vancouver OMEGA Boutique.

The two "Rio 2016" special edition watches by Omega

The two “Rio 2016” special edition watches by Omega

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