Three things we like about the Longines Twenty-Four Hours Single Push-Piece Chronograph

Longines Twenty-Four Hours Single Push-Piece Chronograph

Longines Twenty-Four Hours Single Push-Piece Chronograph

A few weeks ago, Longines announced the reissue of one of their earlier pilot’s watch from the 1950s. There are plenty of reasons to love this watch, here, let me give you three.

24-hour dial

I associate 24-hour dial watches to be somehow magical, instruments used by those that live outside the daily routine of the masses, travellers in a parallel space, that use them to keep track of time at home.

Those that live near or beyond the polar circle, with a regular 12-hour watch might have a hard time telling if it’s a.m. or p.m., the crew of a submarine that spends several days below the surface is completely cut off from daylight and again, a 12-hour dial piece would not do the job. Finally, you have the pilots that travel several time zones without touching ground; this Longines was designed for them, the mavericks of air that fly for living and live for flying.

Single push-piece chronograph

What can be cooler than a single push-piece chronograph? It really takes you back to the time of early chronographs that came in the shape of pocket watches. In the XIXth century, chronographs were used on the battle fields by the artillery, it is later that they got involved in aviation and racing.

It reminds me the stop watch used by my physical education teacher, that tiny yet merciless instrument, feared by everyone in the class. Click and you better run, than another click on the same push-piece and you were told to try harder.

The size

At 47.5 mm, Longines actually kept the same diameter as the original model. Quite an impressive size… If you are into large watches, you can’t go wrong with this.

There you go. You need more arguments?

Look at the clean layout of the dial. Think of the L789 self-winding, mechanical movement, a new column-wheel chronograph calibre, produced exclusively for Longines. Finally, it is a Longines, a brand with a long history and rich tradition.

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