A special Moonwatch box for the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional

The special Moonwatch presentation box.

The special Moonwatch presentation box.

We already blogged about the importance of packaging, when it comes to timepieces. We just got the news from Omega that starting this fall, anyone who purchases a Speedmaster Professional will receive the watch in a special Moonwatch presentation box.

Inside this exclusive packaging, customers will find two straps for their new timepiece – a black polyamide “NATO” strap and a black Velcro strap inspired by the one astronauts wear in space. A tool to change the bracelet and instructions for how to do so are also included along with a metal plate engraved with the Seahorse emblem, a loupe with a tachymetric scale around its edges and a book highlighting the adventures of the Speedmaster.

Omega Moonwatch special presentation box.

Omega special Moonwatch presentation box.

The reference numbers of the timepieces that come with this packaging are: 311., 311., 311. and 311.

The Moonwatch presentation box is also available for purchase as an individual item at the OMEGA Boutique in Vancouver for $720.

For the address, opening hours and contact info for the Vancouver boutique, please click here.

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