Senturion Key smartbracelet — a game changer

Senturion is a smart key in the shape of a beautifully crafted bracelet.

Senturion is a smart key in the shape of a beautifully crafted bracelet.

Keyless technology – smart jewelry

Senturion is developed by Armour Surveillance Security Equipment and Technology Ltd, London, England, revolutionizing the way wearable technology is looked at. Using RFID technology, Senturion becomes an entry system, opening vaults, cars, gun safes or your vintage vine cellar.

Security comes in a stylish bracelet. A limited edition bracelet will be created using meteorite; the unique Widmanstätten pattern or Thomson structures of the out-of-space rock are exposed trough delicate machining.

Considering its finish, the Senturion key is not your average gadget, that you might pick up at BestBuy. To order it, head over to, where you can chose between the V5AST Meteorite Edition costing £60,000 GBP (close to $110,000 CAD) or the Paladium version for a mere £12,000 GBP (about $22,000 CAD).

Senturion Palladium bracelet

Senturion Palladium bracelet

Forget smartwatches – welcome smartbracelets

WatchPaper is a blog about watches, so why talk about a piece of technology dressed as a modern jewelry?

When I first saw the photos this bracelet on the Senturion’s website, I immediately wondered, would I wear a bracelet? Ok, it looks really cool, great design, precious materials, interesting functionality, but I rather wear a watch and have a bunch of keys in my pocket than a bracelet. Just go on Instagram and you’ll see tons of photos of people wearing watches with bracelets, good for them, but bracelets are not my cup of tea.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge respect for what Senturion did, let me tell you why. Smartwatches are gadgets that many watch geeks love to hate. Of course, smartwatches are in their infancy, still trying to figure out how to look good; somehow reminding me the pre-iPod MP3 players. There are some encouraging steps trying to combine the best of two worlds, such as Kairos, combining a Miyota or Soprod calibre with a semitransparent TOLED screen, Bluetooth, Android, etc. Yet coming back to Senturion, developing a smart bracelet opens up the door to a wide range of possibilities, that even hardcore watch collectors might consider.

Imagine, you could have your favourite mechanical watch, be that even a vintage piece, with a smartbracelet that looks just like any other watch strap or bracelet. Thanks to all the nano-magic, these bracelets could open your safe, start your car, etc., just as the Senturion bracelet and when you want to go back to the strap your Dad used to wear, no problem, you just switch straps and you’re done.

Making of the Senturion bracelet

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