A new Australian watch brand — Haigh & Hastings

A teaser image of the upcoming Haigh & Hastings watch

A teaser image of the upcoming Haigh & Hastings watch

We got some news coming from Australia of a brand new watch brand, Haigh & Hastings, that will launch its first watch, the M2 Diver automatic in January 2014.

For now we have very little information and if you go on their website, you’ll have a teaser image with the January 2014 launch date and a quote by T.E. Lawrence that makes us curios:

All men dream, but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity.
But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes to make them possible.

Before we let you dive into their press release, let us wish the best of luck to the two founders: Matthew Sears and Simon Haigh. We certainly look forward to the upcoming Haigh and Hastings watches.

Press release

New Perth based company Haigh & Hastings Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the imminent release of the world’s newest watch brand.

Haigh & Hastings will launch its first M2 Diver Automatic model in January 2014. The company, which is the brainchild of two Perth based entrepreneurs, COO and founder Matthew Sears, and CEO Simon Haigh, will be releasing limited production models, with four models planned for 2014 both online, and through selected retailers.

While designing its products for the global market, Haigh & Hastings specifically wanted to capture the essence of Australia, “confident but unstuffy”. The company has received pre-order media, trade interest and offers of investment from the US, China, Europe and Australia in advance of its launch.

“Our goal with the Haigh & Hastings brand is to present to Australia and the world high quality timepieces that are classic in design, built for daily wear, with a subtle and uniquely Australian flair. The watch styles were conceived with our local lifestyle of hard work, adventure and affinity for the sea in mind, whilst embodying a level of refinement suitable for the boardroom”.

The company’s watches, the build quality of which have been independently checked and verified by a highly regarded WA based watchmaker, are targeted initially in the mid price range for sporty, adventurous, action oriented men. Equipped with 24 jewel automatic movements, sapphire crystals, screw down crowns and case backs, the 1000ft water resistant divers are designed for extremes.

“In our international travels, we have noticed that men are adding vibrant colour to their dress code, so we have incorporated 12 different colours of the highest quality, stylish, European natural rubber straps to our watches, ranging from black to purple, royal blue to yellow”.

“We are passionate about responding to what consumers want. In developing upcoming products, starting with the M2 Redhead model early in 2014, we want to encourage our customers to play an integral part in our design portfolio. Providing our customers with the assurance of a great warranty and industry-challenging customer service guarantee is our way of demonstrating that Haigh & Hastings is a leading customer driven company. Our customers will be part of this uniquely Australian “have a go” journey with us”.

“We want our Australian product to be associated only with the best that Australia has to offer. In our upcoming website we will be showcasing a series of Haigh & Hastings Aussie Icon Role Models. This will start in January with TV celebrity chef Mark Olive, aka The Black Olive of Black Olive Catering and the Outback Café, whose business was chosen as one of the destinations on Oprah’s Victorian itinerary when she travelled to Australia in 2010.”


To have a closer look at the M2 Diver Automatic, check out our photo gallery.

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