Revenge of the Watch Nerds

I am a nerd, of sorts. I am a watch nerd.

TAG Heuer Calibre 1969

The TAG Heuer Calibre 1969 announced earlier this months, got its name from the year when Jack Heuer and his partners unveiled the Calibre 11, the world’s first automatic chronograph movement.

I realize that my obsession with timepieces goes beyond most guys’ casual interest. This dawned on me once during a meeting with a big stock broker. He was wearing a Rolex Submariner and I complimented him on it. He got all cocky and proudly “explained” to me that, “It’s a Rolex. It doesn’t even need a battery.” OK, buddy. Thanks for the technical review.

Revenge of the Nerds is one of the all time greatest films in the history of mankind. Remember the rap they performed at the big talent show? I have that rap on my phone and I listen to it all the time. The 1980’s were the pinnacle of pop culture and Revenge of the Nerds was a masterpiece of the time. The moral of that story, of course, is that brains can overcome brawn and that knowing stuff is cool.

When TAG Heuer launch a new chronograph, I am the guy who reads the technical specifications of the movement. I don’t understand it all, but I like to learn about whatever features were introducted. I am the guy who actually asks all about a watch’s movement before buying it. I am the guy who knows about a new model before my local Authorized Dealer hears about it. I am the guy who needs extra memory on his phone because he carries so many watch guides on it. I am, after all,…TimeCaptain.

So I must be part of that 0.001% of the population who is well aware that a Rolex actually doesn’t need a battery.

Is this necessary? No. Most people buy a watch that looks nice, impresses their friends, and makes them feel good. And that’s fine. But I can’t help myself. I have always been obsessive. And when I get interested in something, I go way beyond most people. And watches are my favorite subject. There is so much to learn and appreciate about watches. Watchmakers are investing so much and developing such incredible technologies that I feel you are really missing out if you buy a watch purely because it looks cool. Especially if you spent lots of money on said watch.

Watches are just like cars. Would you buy a $75,000 car without knowing how many cylinders it had or how many horsepower it had? Many people would. I wouldn’t.

So, for better or for worse, I am a watch nerd. But I already have my revenge. Because I enjoy my timepieces, and timepieces in general, on a level that few people ever will.

Yours truly,


TimeCaptain is a self-confessed timepiece junkie.  He spends nearly all of his spare time buying,  selling,  trading,  researching, admiring and trying different timepieces. He's also a fanatic Formula 1 fan, having followed every single Grand Prix since 1991.  He switches to NFL football in the fall and roots for the Green Bay Packers. A child of the 1980's, TimeCaptain is mad about 80's music,  TV, cinema and pop culture.  Another interest of TimeCaptain is space exploration and the study of distant planets and galaxies. When asked about his favorite watch,  TimeCaptain remembers Enzo Ferrari's answer as to his favorite car- "the one I haven't built yet."