GRAHAM Chronofighter Oversize GMT Blue

The Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Blue watch

The Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Blue

– Undaunted.
GRAHAM has made its Chronofighter Oversize model a milestone.

– Timeless.
The chic watch impresses by its classy and dogged nature.

– Confident.
Combining elaborate technical processes and a gutsy design, the automatic Swiss made chronograph is a defying milestone in modern horology.

– Backslider
The Chronofighter Oversize GMT Blue with a big double discs’ date at 12 o’clock and an easy-to-read second time zone device (GMT) is GRAHAM’s traditional bi-compax chronograph.

– Skilled
This high spot visibility timepiece will give you an extra sensitive perception of the world. The Chronofighter Oversize GMT Blue features a GMT function (2 time zones’ simultaneous reading) which provides a technical answer to the needs of people who are constantly on the move, juggling time zones.

– Magnetic and faithful
This stainless steel case is enhanced by an elaborate blue sapphire bezel with a big chamfrein and rhodium GMT scale. A large-diameter see-through sapphire case back also gives the watch all its confidence and charisma.
To complete the design and technology, the renowned fast-action Chronofighter start / stop lever is reinforced by an ergonomic black PVD coating. The typical assertive GRAHAM signature enables a fast-action use of the chronograph function control device and will find its place on the wrists of men of action, men of good taste.

Main features also include:
47 mm steel case, calibre G1733, automatic bi-compax chronograph, 28 jewels, 28’800 A/h (4Hz), Incabloc shock absorber, 48 hours power reserve, domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both faces, see-through sapphire case back, integrated blue croco strap.

CHRONOFIGHTER — Beyond design

Pilot starting an old airplane

Graham and it’s aviation DNA.

The Chronofighter is the quintessential stopwatch series. Back in the forties, during the allied bomber raids, pilots needed to know how many seconds flight they were past a certain landmark. High up, very cold, being shot at and of course wearing gloves, they needed a specially designed stopwatch.

The big, generously designed crown lever, a precision mechanical movement, the rugged construction and a big dial were vital elements for a watch designed for such a mission.

Pilots are not the only people for whom elapsed time is a critical element. Inspired by and dedicated to pursuits such as diving, racing and exploring, the Chronofighter series is Graham’s answer to split-second timing in extraordinary environments.

About Graham

GRAHAM traces its origins to London clockmaker George Graham (1673-1751) who is considered as the father of modern watch making. He is known as the father of the chronograph as he invented the start and stop device of the chronograph. And the dead-beat and cylinder escapement, the mercury pendulum to compensate the influence of temperature on pendulums, to name a few. He also built the master clock for Greenwich Royal Observatory which timed most of the 18th century and lots of science instruments for astronomers and physicists. GRAHAM was revived in 1995 and is today a privately owned Swiss watch company. GRAHAM SA creates and manufactures its watches in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

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