A Real Instrument Dedicated to Rally Drivers by EDOX

Edox Chronorally

Edox Chronorally

What rally driver has never dreamed of finally having a watch that would enable them to time their performance?

Edox has now made this dream come true with a collection wholly dedicated to the World Rally Championship (WRC). Developed exclusively for Edox, the new 36 calibre is a true revolution in the worlds of watchmaking and cars.

In addition to the standard displays, the new WRC Chronorally offers a plethora of new possibilities: stage timing with an accumulated stage time, recount/replay mode, countdown mode and chronograph.

All these functions are accessible by means of the pushpieces and the crown, which, with its outsize design, permits easy access for the gloved hands of a rally driver.

An instrument that is truly dedicated to the world’s best rally drivers and their co-drivers, the WRC Chronograph also boasts original car-theme details, with, for example, its raised caseback representing a wheel rim and its rubber wristband reproducing the contours of car tyres.

Edox has been taken on as the official timing partner for the WRC World Rally Championship for the next three years.

Edox Chronorally Backcase

Edox Chronorally Backcase

Technical specifications


hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, countdown, stage timing, accumulated stage timing, replay.

Edox 36, Soprod base.

Number of jewels:

Movement size:
36 mm 16″.

Watchcase depth:
15.2 mm.

Watchcase diameter:
48 mm.

polished and buffed.

red anodised aluminium pushpiece.

Water resistance:
100 metres / 10 ATM / 300 feet.

black carbon.

treated anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

genuine black rubber, structured.

stainless steel, engraved with the Edox logo.

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