PERRELET Diamond Flower Prestige Edition

PERRELET Diamond Flower Prestige Edition A7002

PERRELET Diamond Flower Prestige Edition A7002

A plush atmosphere for discovering or rediscovering the Prestige Edition of the Diamond Flower collection.

The Diamond Flower collection, thanks to its different versions, was awarded prizes on several occasions and voted Watch of the Year by the Swiss public in 2008. This feminine watch combines finesse and harmony, and for the first time, jewellery and watchmaking technology harmonise to give a rare and vibrant expression of time.

Based on its Double Rotor, a patented complication, the heirs of Perrelet dared to create an audacious setting. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds go beyond the simple transformation of a watch with feminine jewels. The visible rotor on the dial, sculpted for the occasion with lotus flowers, is linked and perfectly synchronised with the oscillating weight and supplies additional energy to the winding mechanism.

PERRELET Diamond Flower Prestige Edition A7005

PERRELET Diamond Flower Prestige Edition A7005

Every woman thus animates her watch by her own movements.

Among the different versions proposed, there are several exclusive treasures that only certain initiates will be familiar with. A Prestige Edition with 7 interpretations, which are completely exceptional.

The jeweller’s craft is an art, and as with a jewellery arrangement, the setting of the dial, the bezel and the lugs endows each of its works with its own character. Rubies reflect passion, emeralds denote hope, sapphires represent the infinite skies and ocean and diamonds and baguette diamonds stand for eternity. This panoply of contrasts accompanies passionate women with a rare elegance. Visual appeal and its emotional impact will bring the subtle touch of refinement, which will seduce the women who are searching for exclusivity.

The spirit of this collection is on the move, as Perrelet will be presenting a preview of a new Diamond Flower duo in black and white ceramic at the next Basel Fair, from 18 to 25 of March next.

Epicureans take note!

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