Glashütte Original Pocket Watch No. 1 – BaselWorld 2010 Preview

Glashütte Original Pocket Watch No. 1

Glashütte Original Pocket Watch No. 1

The rediscovery of a way of life

Elegant, handmade pocket watches have always been a symbol of style and sophistication. Worn on a chain, the first pocket watches were admired in the 16th century as masterpieces of watchmaking technology and miniaturization. For the first time, the portable watch made it possible for people to carry the exact time around with them, “on hand”, as it were. Over the centuries, artistically finished pocket watches made of gold were both a status symbol and a useful everyday object. Particularly as a fashion accessory for men, the pocket watch was the expression of a way of life that attached importance to using a precious timepiece to read the time.

With the launch of the Glashütte Original Pocket Watch No. 1, the established manufactory harkens back to this epoch and presents a timelessly elegant pocket watch with quarter-hour repetition, which comes in a worldwide limited edition of 25 pieces. This timepiece in rose gold captivates with its high standard of watchmaking, its innovative construction and aesthetic design. A historical watch by Julius Assmann, a famous pioneer of the Glashütte watchmaking industry, served as the model.

One particularly striking feature of this watch is the quarter-hour repetition, which announces the quarter hours and hours acoustically. Using one tone, the repetition first of all indicates the previous hours, and then, by means of a second and higher tone, the quarter hours which have elapsed since the full hour.

To operate the repetition, a slide is located on the case at 6 o’clock. This is moved by hand in the direction of 9 o’clock, thereby tightening the mainspring. When the final point of the winding has been reached the signal mechanism is activated automatically. The progress of the signal mechanism is regulated by a centrifugal governor visible on the wheel train side. The beating of the two hammers is made audible by means of two gongs of different lengths, which are passed around the piece beneath the wheel train.

Two blued steel hands dominate the dial: the slender minute hand and the hour hand in classic “poire” form turn on the central axis, while the second hand is located underneath the polished eye in a sub-dial area. The classic display is enclosed by a minute ring which, along with the black Roman numerals, stands out in clear contrast to the enamelled dial.

The watch is wound via the crown and the time is set using a two-level yoke winding mechanism. This is designed so that at the moment of winding the crown, the balance wheel is halted and the eccentric second hand jumps to “zero”.

The newly designed hand-wound calibre 84-01 from Glashütte Original permits a precise time display. A doubly non-reflecting sapphire crystal protects the calibre and gives an unobstructed view of the exquisitely decorated piece. With three quarter plate, screwed gold chatons, hand-engraved balance cock and swan-neck fine adjustment, it is a high point of the art of Glashütte watchmaking. This elegant timepiece has a power reserve of 36 hours.

Two hinged lids of polished rose gold protect the watch on both sides, with the name of the watch as well as the serial numbering from 1 to 25 artistically engraved by hand on the bottom of the rear lid. Worn on a robust chain of rose gold in a special waistcoat pocket, the new Glashütte Original Pocket Watch No. 1 is set to become a luxury accessory for today’s refined gentleman.

This special model will be available as of April 2010 when it will be officially presented during BASELWORLD 2010 (18 – 25 March).

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