In its Mentors Collection, Confrérie Horlogère presents the Clef du Temps Tourbillon

Confrérie Horlogère  “Clef du Temps”

Confrérie Horlogère “Clef du Temps”

An exceptional timepiece that that allows the wearer to “modulate the speed of the time”.
Confrérie Horlogère upmarket watch brand’s “Les Masters” collection is the venue for the presentation of outstanding movements born of pioneering mechanical and engineering research. A prime example is “La Clef du Temps” tourbillon watch featuring a hand-wound mechanical movement providing three days of power reserve.

Truly unusual in design, issued in a very limited series of 24, each of which corresponds to a timezone, “La Clef du Temps” is the brainchild of Mathias Buttet, founder of Confrérie Horlogère.

This extraordinary mechanical timepiece conveys the idea that “true luxury and wealth lie in the possibility to manage one’s time”…

“La Clef du Temps” houses a sophisticated mechanism that allows the wearer to “modulate the speed of the time”. How, exactly? Simply actioning a three-position crown opposite 9 o’clock alters the running speed of the hours and the minutes – the latter displayed at 2 o’clock.

Crown position 1 : the pace of time slows by half (so that the value of one normal hour is displayed as a half-hour on the dial of “La Clef du Temps”).

Crown position 2 : the pace of time remains the same (i.e. one hour remains one hour).

Crown position 3 : the pace of time is doubled (so a standard half-hour becomes a full hour on the dial of “La Clef du Temps”).

Confrérie Horlogère  “Clef du Temps”

Confrérie Horlogère “Clef du Temps”

This way, pleasant moments can be made to last twice as long, while unpleasant ones can be shortened by half while always retaining the option to “return” to real time. The watch’s extremely sophisticated mechanism allows its time indications to remain in positions 1 or 3 as long as its wearer wishes since a simple return of the crown to position 2 resets the hour and the minute hand to the real time of day.

What for Mathias Buttet does his unusual watch stand for? A sort of revenge …. A family weekend with the kids will make anyone realize how quickly happy moments evaporate while moments of crisis or gloom seem never-ending. Mathias Buttet’s “La Clef du Temps” thus provides twenty-four people with a rare opportunity to regain control over their time by… controlling the speed at which is flows.

Other dial information: retrograding running seconds at 4 o’clock and a power-reserve indication (PRI) in a 120° sectoral indicator at 8 o’clock.

Further noteworthy features include the movement, shaped like a stylized human brain, the futuristic case crafted in grade 5 titanium, the strap composed of eight rubber-clad strands and a deployment clasp that features the Confrérie Horlogère logo.

Like all Confrérie Horlogère products, “La Clef du Temps” benefits from a lifetime warranty and the totally Swiss-made provenance of its every part and component.

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