BERTOLUCCI: The Swiss watchmaker of the French queens

Miss France 2009, Chloé Mortaud © Bertolucci

Miss France 2009, Chloé Mortaud © Bertolucci

On December 6th 2008, Bertolucci was on prime time TV live from “Le Puy du Fou” to attend the election of its new Miss.
Chloé Mortaud, young French-American of 19 years old, has been elected Miss France 2009 by over 8 million TV viewers and a jury of personalities presided by the famous French actress Line Renaud.

For the second consecutive year Bertolucci will be involved as the official watchmaker of Miss France, tribute to Femininity and Elegance everywhere in the world.

To celebrate its new muse, Bertolucci has created and produced the magnificent Tiara which will adorn the most beautiful French woman for the whole year.

Refined and delicate, true to the Brand’s universe, this crown is a unique treasure directly extracted from the reflections of the Mediterranean sea, inspired by the delicate flow and the beauty of coral branches softly bathed by the current, the glint of the sunlight shinning in the stones and the richness of the ocean treasures.

New ambassador of the famous Swiss watch-maker, Miss France 2009 is wearing a precious Stria in rose gold set with 274 diamonds of great distinction.

And her four runner ups have been each one dressed with an elegant Voglia in stainless steel and black ceramic. After the reign of the very graceful Valérie Bègue, muse of the brand in 2008, it is now time for Chloé to be our beautiful ambassador and model all the marvellous timepieces that Bertolucci dedicates to the French Queen.

In the wake of the new Miss, Bertolucci celebrates Beauty and Sensuality. For the full pleasure of the beautiful women all over the world.

Bertolucci Stria in rose gold set with 274 diamonds © Bertolucci

Bertolucci Stria in rose gold set with 274 diamonds © Bertolucci

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