David Coulthard with his grey TW Steel

David Coulthard with his grey TW Steel

Perhaps you have read our interview with David Coulthard by now. For me, this was a big moment! As you may know, I have been a fanatic F1 follower since 1990. DC came into F1 in 1994 and was a major player throughout his entire career. I am a tifoso (i.e. Ferrari supporter) and DC was always racing against MY team, but I certainly looked up to DC and admired his racing during those years.

Flash forward to Montreal, Grand Prix Thursday 2014, and I find myself sitting down with DC at a private party and interviewing him for WatchPaper. Wow! If I could travel back in time to 1995 or 1996 and explain this to myself… I wouldn’t believe it! But it happened. I gotta thank Adam for putting this all together.

And thanks to DC — this man is a class act. You have no idea. I was amazed at how much thought he put into his answers and by the time he took with us.

I should mention that I was driven to the party to interview DC in a Ferrari California — a nice touch! Then the party and THE interview with DC. What a start to the weekend.

And the F1 weekend itself was magnificent. I was at the circuit with friends for the 3 days and we enjoyed great weather, music, F1 action, ambience and even a stop at the casino. The announcement that Montreal will retain its Grand Prix for the next 10 years was fantastic news — read DC’s comments on F1 in Montreal. And then the race itself… wow! What a race! In typical Montreal fashion, there were safety cars, accidents, drama and surprises! It was awesome!

Here’s looking forward to next year…

Yours truly,