Buying your third Panerai



Geez, how many Panerai does a guy need?

We can answer this question with the following mathematical formula:

P = n + 1
Where P = number of Panerai needed and n = number of Panerai in your current collection.

So, if you followed my first two blogs and bought PAM 1 and PAM 2, then you are due for PAM 3!!!

So did you read Buying Your First Panerai and its sequel? I’ll assume that you did. So you started off with your basic, core-DNA Panerai — a 111, a 183 or maybe a higher end 510. Then you went for something bigger and more sophisticated- maybe a 351 or a 514. You have covered the essential character of Panerai and have also sampled some of their modern in-house watchmaking capabilities. For PAM number 3, it’s time to think outside of the box. We can go for something different and maybe less typical of the brand that consumes our thoughts. For this blog, I will highlight several Panerai that should be considered for your third and possibly “different” PAM. Are you ready to begin? Let’s go!

Radiomir Black Seal Ceramica - 45 mm PAM00292

Radiomir Black Seal Ceramica – 45 mm PAM00292

Now look at your first two PAM. Gorgeous, aren’t they? And I’ll bet they are both stainless steel (or titanium in the case of a 351). So why not choose an all-black look for your third Panerai? PAM00292 comes to mind immediately. It is really just a 183, albeit with a ceramic case, black strap and black buckle. This piece retains all of the raw Panerai flavour (with basic movement) in an all-black package. Now how cool is that? I have sampled a 292 and it feels amazing. Or do you want to go crazy? PAM00335 is a 44mm Luminor 1950 with a ceramic case. It is powered by a 10-days movement with GMT. @#$&^(?{ !!!! This is one helluva timepiece, done in a gorgeous black look. I mean, this is the piece you want for covert black ops. This is sleek, high end, gorgeous and mechanically complex. How about that?

Luminor 1950 10 days GMT Ceramica - 44 mm PAM00335

Luminor 1950 10 days GMT Ceramica – 44 mm PAM00335

Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio - 44 mm PAM00499

Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio – 44 mm PAM00499

Black is not for you? How about the opposite? Have you ever seen a PAM with a white dial? PAM00499 is a 44mm Luminor 1950, powered by the awesome P.9000 movement….with a white dial. It looks quite different to more common PAM yet it has that sensational and distinctive Luminor 1950 case. It is not my favourite, but you might really enjoy having its white dial in your Panerai collection. I have lots of experience with P.9000 engine and I have always loved its accuracy, power reserve and ability to move the hour hand independently of the minute hand. All it would need would be a seconds reset function…

Radiomir California 3 Days Acciaio - 47mm PAM00424

Radiomir California 3 Days Acciaio – 47mm PAM00424

While we’re on the topic of unusual dials, how about a California dial? PAM00424 is a 47mm Radiomir powered by the awesome P.3000 hand-wound caliber, executed entirely by Panerai. This is large, imposing and high end. There is some history behind the California dial which you may like. Or you may simply like it’s less recognizable look. This piece does not instantly cry PANERAI…unless seen by a real Paneristi. And maybe that’s perfect for PAM number 3…

Radiomir 1940 Oro Rosso - 42mm PAM00513

Radiomir 1940 Oro Rosso – 42mm PAM00513

Let’s stay with the Radiomir theme for a minute and look at PAM00513, which is a 42mm Radiomir 1940… in gold! Ha! Gold! How about adding some gold to your watch box? A little bling! This piece is sleek and elegant and gorgeous in its refined gold case. But the movement is something else. Its caliber P.999 is a smaller hand-wound movement offering 60 hours of power reserve while allowing for a slimmer case. This, my friends, is the Panerai for the refined watch lover. Wow!

Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanio - 47mm PAM00526

Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanio – 47mm PAM00526

And now for something REALLY different. Behold the Luminor 1950 3 Days Regatta Flyback Chrono Titanio PAM00526!!! Oh man, this imposing 47mm piece might be the ultimate sports watch. It sure doesn’t look like a typical Panerai, although the case shows hints of PAM. This mechanical marvel is full of watchmaking mastery, however- flyback chrono, countdown function and seconds reset (one of my favorite complications). And the 526 is titanium.

Radiomir Black Seal 8 days Acciaio 45mm (PAM00619)

Radiomir Black Seal 8 days Acciaio 45mm (PAM00619)

Another titanium masterpiece – the Radiomir 1940 PAM00619. If I were buying a new piece tomorrow, this would be the one. The 45 mm brushed titanium case is the perfect size for me and the 1940 case is modern and refined. This piece has the gorgeous “dirty dial” with that matching light brown or tan strap. The dial is absolutely Panerai and while it has a small seconds at 9 o’clock, it retains the numeral 9 for a wonderful clean look. The 619 uses the slim P.4000 movement, whose off-center rotor allows for a slimmer design while offering 3 days of power reserve. Panerai really outdid themselves on this design.

Luminor Base 8 Days Titanio - 44mm PAM00562

Luminor Base 8 Days Titanio – 44mm PAM00562

Still on the titanium theme, let’s consider the PAM00562. To the untrained eye, this is not much different than a 112 or 560. But look closer. The 562 is a 44 mm Luminor with the famous, classic Luminor case that so many guys identify with (and lust for). The case is titanium, however, giving a much more sober and understated look than polished steel. The dial of the 562 is actually brown or “tobacco.” This subtle difference really gives a special look. Even if you had a (similar) 560, the 562 would totally complement it with its unusual color scheme. The 562 has that timeless Panerai “base” dial with no seconds hand as well as the coveted “sandwich dial.” It is powered by the new P.5000 movement with 8 days of power reserve. Awesome!

Panerai Table Clock PAM00581

Panerai Table Clock PAM00581

Does your third Panerai have to be a wrist watch at all? Does it? What if your third Panerai was… a table clock!?!? Believe it. For your consideration, I present PAM00581 — a 60 mm Radiomir table clock. It is powered by the same P.5000 movement that sits inside the 562. Think about it — while you are sitting at your desk wearing your 619, you could actually be enjoying your 581 table clock AT THE SAME TIME!!! How awesome is that??? That table clock could sit on your desk and run for 8 days between winding and stare at you in all its 60 mm Panerai glory. Imagine the visual effect, and statement, this would make on visitors at your office. If you thought 2 Panerai were enough, then I guess you never saw the table clock…

The truth is, we could go on all day. But for now, I have tried to highlight a few PAM that might make an interesting addition to a serious Panerai collection. I hope, I have given you food for thought. Check out Panerai’s catalogue yourself. As always, the fun is in the search.

Yours truly,

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