The White Side of the Moon – the Daring Side of OMEGA

OMEGA White Side of the Moon

OMEGA White Side of the Moon

Now that it is official, Omega will launch a White Face of the Moon at Baselworld, what really strikes me are not so much the info that other blogs started to leak, but the reaction from fans.

Usually Omega announcements are received with a lot of enthusiasm by their fans; let’s take for example the Black Side of the Moon, it was an instant hit, becoming THE grail-watch for many collectors. The same can be said about the new Seamaster 300 and even to a lesser extent about the Grey Side of the Moon.

Without doing an in-depth statistical research of people’s reaction online – while opinions seem to be divided – this time, many of the comments are quite negative. Some of those that have something nice to say, consider it to be a great ladies’ chronograph because of the white ceramic and the white strap, but at 44 mm it will be quite chunky on most of the female wrists.

I still try to get my head around this model, what I can say so far is that for sure it shows a daring side of brand, not afraid of taking risks and trying out new approaches while still being grounded in the rich history of Omega.

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