Frederique Constant Geneve growing at a healthy rate

Frederique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture

Frederique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture FC-945MC4H9 with Silicium Escapement Wheel, Silicium Anker and Silicium Plateau. Limited Edition 888 pieces.

For the first half year results, Swiss watch manufacturer Frederique Constant Geneve announced a 26% growth compared to 2013.

Peter Stas, Founder and CEO of Frederique Constant declared:

“We are proud to have realized our best first half year ever, and it clearly proves that our product proposition – Accessible Luxury – continues to have great potential. The initial concept behind the brand was to create Swiss Made, high quality and innovative watches at sensible prices To let more people enjoy luxury. Still today, it is this mission that drives our passion.”

The results are quite interesting, especially compared to the growth of Swiss watch export in general, which is expected to be in the single digits. Solidly positioned in the $1000 to $5000 market segment, Frederique Constant grew strongly in Canada, U.S., Australia and the Far East.

This year, Frederique Constant celebrates its 10th anniversary of its in-house handcrafted movements. The company developed 15 in-house handcrafted calibers, including the last 2014 creation: the Heart Beat Manufacture FC-945 with Silicium Escapement Wheel, Silicium Anker and Silicium Plateau for improved accuracy and reliability.

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