Lew & Huey second anniversary giveaway

Lew & Huey Ancionna Blue & Orange

Lew & Huey Ancionna Blue & Orange

This fall marks the second anniversary of Lew & Huey beginning, the completion of their fifth successful Kickstarter project, and the release of our fourth and fifth models. To celebrate these milestones, Lew & Huey is giving away three watches in a sweepstakes held from August 26th to October 7th:

1st Prize – An Acionna (selling for $600 on our website), in the winner’s choice of color.
2nd Prize – A Cerberus ($575), winner’s choice of color.
3rd Price – A Spectre ($400), winner’s choice of color.

What are the rules? Pretty standard stuff, actually. Winners will be chosen at random using ViralSweep’s platform. The only entry requirement is submission of email address, but entrants can also earn additional entries through social media follows and likes, referring a friend, etc.

To participate you can use the form bellow or visit

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