Eleven facts you should know about NOMOS

The in-house developed escapement, the NOMOS swing system.

The in-house developed escapement, the NOMOS swing system.

One of the rising stars of watchmaking is coming from Germany. NOMOS has already proven itself with a recognizable style, inspired from the Bauhaus tradition and recently they were making headlines with the development of an in-house escapement, they called the swing system.

To build an escapement is not in the reach of small watchmaking companies, as it is too complicated to produce and would raise the cost too much. This is why many companies will rely on outsourced components, but not NOMOS. As Uwe Ahrendt, NOMOS Glashütte’s General Manager would put it: “Managing to do this feels a little like landing on the moon!”

  1. The NOMOS swing system: breaking the Swiss monopoly.
  2. Three patents at the calibers’ heart: balance, date, and power reserve.
  3. Over 120 prizes for quality, design, and value-for-money.
  4. Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus—design in the highest tradition.
  5. No other company produces more mechanical watches: NOMOS Glashütte is market leader in Germany.
  6. NOMOS Glashütte builds up to 95 percent of its calibers in-house, instead of the mandatory 50 percent.
  7. Adjusted in six positions, promising accuracy to chronometer levels.
  8. Life in the birthplace of fine watchmaking: Only those who love watchmaking live in Glashütte.
  9. Bestsellers for over 20 years—like the NOMOS Tangente and Orion models, for example.
  10. World-class fiddling: The smallest NOMOS parts would easily fit through the space in a small “e.”
  11. 28 kg of fan post from happy customers, each letter nicer than the next.

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