ARCHIMEDE Pilot 39 Bronze and 39H Bronze

The new ARCHIMEDE Pilot 39 Bronze is a smaller version of the very successful Pilot 42 Bronze

The new ARCHIMEDE Pilot 39 Bronze 39H Bronze. The H stands for “historic” with a simple dial with no brand name and blued hands, paying homage to old pilot watches.

ARCHIMEDE watches are made by ICKLER, a workshop based in Pforzheim, a German town with a long history of watchmaking. Here at WatchPaper, we’re particularly found of their pilot watches with timeless Flieger design.

After the successful launch of the Pilot 42 Bronze, responding to the demand from their customers, ARCHIMEDE is announcing the launch of smaller 39 mm versions.

The back of the ARCHIMEDE Pilot 42 Bronze

The back of the ARCHIMEDE Pilot 42 Bronze

The ARCHIMEDE Bronze case, made by ICKLER, uses the Bronze alloy CuSn8, consisting of 92% copper and 8% tin. The crown is made of Bronze too and the case back is made of stainless steel 316L. The case is engraved between the lugs with the ICKLER Logo and ‚Bronze‘. The surface is natural and will develop the characteristic bronze vintage patina over time.

The brushed bronze case comes with a sapphire crystal on top. The renowned automatic movement Eta 2824 is visible through the display case back. Due to the clear dial readability is perfectly given – daytime as well as nighttime. The leather strap with a single bronze rivet is offered in black, light brown and dark brown. The buckle is also made of Bronze.

The prices are:
Pilot 39 Bronze: EUR 675
Pilot 39H Bronze : EUR 695

For customers outside the EU the VAT will be deducted.

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