GRIEB & BENZINGER special edition “St. George”

Grieb & Benzinger special sdition “St. George”, Russia’s Patron Saint to protect the Olympic games in Sochi.

Grieb & Benzinger special sdition “St. George”, Russia’s Patron Saint to protect the Olympic games in Sochi.

There three craftsmen behind the small German luxury watch workshop GRIEB & BENZINGER: watchmaker Hermann Grieb, designer Georg Bartkowiak and the designer, engraver and guillocheur, Jochen Benzinger.

They are famous for their bespoke or highly limited edition skeletonized timepieces made from restored vintage pocket watch movements.

Their latest creation, the “St. George”, got its name from the protecting saint of Russia, a special edition timepiece, released just before the Olympic winter games in Sochi 2014.

Saint George, the patron saint of Russia, who can be seen in the center of the double-eagle breast plate of the national coat of arms, was skeletonized and engraved by hand right into the movement in typical GRIEB & BENZINGER fashion.

The back of the Grieb & Benzinger Special Edition “St. George”

On the back of the Grieb & Benzinger Special Edition “St. George”, we’ll find skeletonized and engraved the figure of St.George defeating the dragon with his lance.

It is so unmistakable, in fact, that GRIEB & BENZINGER’s usual, meticulous two-tone, two-part, hand-guilloché, regulator-style dial is almost relegated to the background. A very special element of this watch is the dial cutaway positioned at 6 o’clock, which reveals a view of the blue platinum-coated base plate, a detail that was borrowed for this special edition from the brand’s exclusive PLATINUM line.

Without getting into too many technical details, the platinum used by GRIEB & BENZINGER is the highest quality in the market, resulting in the most solid platinum timepieces in the world.

The “St. George” model is a highly limited edition of only 7 pieces, with an 18-karat palladium white gold case with the characteristic hand-guilloché bezel on alligator strap.

Price is €43.000

Before we would let you go, here is the making of video of another GRIEB & BENZINGER masterpiece, The Blue Danube:

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