The new Burel Class Cape on Indigogo

The new Burel Class Cape (BW03) inspired by nautical instruments.

The new Burel Class Cape (BW03) inspired by nautical instruments.

French watchmaking brand Burel, launched its first models in 2013, two watches with a strong nautical identity. In October, last year, we interview Guillaume Burel, the founder of this young brand, to talk about the company and its future. He mentioned that they have a new model in working that will come out this year and indeed, the upcoming Burel Class Cape is announced on the crowdfunding site Indigogo.

The new Class Cape is faithful to the nautical inspiration as its compass design and the materials used are directly influenced by the nautical world.

Don’t look for them, there are no hands on this watch. Time reading is done by a red indicator line superimposed on gradations of a carbon disc, as on a navigation compass. The carbon fibre disk rotates clockwise as the hour and minute digits are graded from right to left.

For more info, technical specs and exclusive perks, head over to the Indigogo project page at

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